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Gallery Switzerland 

The Hotel Rotary in Geneva is inspired by Heritage – one of three themes in the M Gallery Hotel Collection by Accor. Each hotel in the collection ‘becomes the setting for a unique and original experience’ with Hotel Rotary telling the story of an international art & antique collector

The brief for this project called for a space which is able to present antiques and old world Hotel Rotary M Gallery, Switzerland client: Accor Hotels status: design concept curiosities in a curated format so as to contemporize them.

Studio Moren's design concept breathes new life into an old space, taking cue from the existing exquisite art and furniture collection and offsetting this with fresh, vibrant ideas. The concept of curation is established by way of exhibiting presentation boxes and framed elements that encapsulate furniture and found ornaments.

Plaques explaining aspects of the design, window displays and spot lighting act to further enhance the scheme. Public areas are opened up and merged together to create one cohesive zone inspired by the ‘Museum’ concept.

Accor Hotel Group
Geneva, Switzerland
Concept Design 2013