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Holiday Inn Express St Albans 

Architecturally designed by Studio Moren, The Holiday Inn Express St Albans, includes 86 beds, including 5 bedrooms for employee accommodation, a restaurant, meeting rooms, offices and associated car parking and landscaping and is located adjacent to junction 22 of the M25.

The property is one of the first new build lV Generation Holiday Inn Express hotels to be completed, incorporating the brands ‘Open Lobby’ concept into the public space design, allowing for an improved and expanded F&B offering.

Targeted at the ‘smart traveller’, the exterior of the hotel reflects the contemporary features of the brand with an inviting entrance and landscaping. The design minimises environmental and noise pollution from the motorway using the mass of the building as a barrier to the road that wraps around three sides of the scheme.

The ‘U’ shaped plan places the main focus of the hotel onto its site creating a courtyard entrance. The side of the site sitting adjacent to the motorway is heavily landscaped further reducing the noise and pollution from the motorway.  The landscaping is continued through the car parking area enhancing the immediate environment.

Brick façades were chosen to create a durable finish requiring little maintenance, while the window openings are kept to a minimum to reduce noise to the rooms and heat loss.

4C Hotel Group
St Albans, United Kingdom
Completed 2016
86 keys