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Helios Hotel Villas, Cikat Park Forest 

Harmonising nature and the built environment


Helios Resort is located beside the sea in the Čikat Park Forest on the island of Lošinj in Croatia. The area is known for its natural beauty and attracts visitors looking for wellness and serenity

The original resort was built in 1964. The layout of its pavilion structure and associated bungalows restricted their operation to the summer season and the resort had become dilapidated.

Our client decided to demolish the existing facilities and replace them with a 250 room, luxury 5-star contemporary hotel with a comprehensive spa and 20 associated villas, operating on a year-round basis.

We were asked to establish a connection to the natural surroundings, minimise impact on the environment and project a sense of elegance and comfort offering a holistically immersive and relaxing experience.

Our proposal offers a sense of harmony between the natural and built environment. The concept was inspired by the structure of the Čikat pine tree forest.

The hotel layout is organised around a public area amenity core with four guestroom wing corridors branching off to the east and west, interspersed with light wells – creating the effect of dappled forest light.

The guestrooms form the shape of clusters of pine cones from these branches.

The villas are arranged in similar clusters with some sharing their pool facilities.

The low-lying nature of all the structures ensure that the buildings blend into the forest setting – with a clear view to and from the coastline. All the spaces are arranged to respect and minimise the removal of the existing pine trees while enhancing the guest experience.

Croatia, Europe
Concept Design 2016
250 keys & 20 villas
Studio Moren