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Our team 

Company culture 

We are a close-knit bunch, everyone has each other’s back because we know and care about each other. Regular social events help bind us together from pot luck nights, bake sales and barbecues to softball tournaments and pilates in the office.

We encourage knowledge sharing with internal presentations where people can talk about their projects and passions, and practice their presentation skills, to a pizza eating audience. Every year the whole studio goes on tour to a European destination where we can be inspired by new and old architecture and interior design.

Our emphasis on inclusivity and diversity encourages everyone to feel they belong. As well as celebrating external events such as Pride and Black History Month, our ‘In the Know’ lunches promote awareness and debate of topical issues.

The management team

Some of our 70 team members 

Our Team

Adriane Maramo

Allan Felicisimo

Angela Franco

Anna Allanson

Anuj Narula

Armelle Morgan

Benjamin Rosenstiehl

Charlie Staniforth

Christopher Leonard

Daniel Wu

Dinemis Balkaroglu

Elvira Salyahetdinova

Fabio Petrella

Farran Keenan

Francis Heath

Freya Jones 

Haiyen Nguyen-Cross

Isabella Hicks

Joseph Choe

Kimberley Lam

Leanna Iouannou

Lucia Barlow

Mariana Bendersky

Mark Kovacs-Biro

Mitchell Banks

Nikita Wilson

Nina Firek

Paolo Pirroni

Paulina Dudzinska

Rachael Reid

Steven Farr

Tara Buet

Teodoro Mastrantonio

Tulshi Patel

Tung Nguyen

Victoria Beck

Looking for new career? 

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

Please send your CV and portfolio to

We operate a blind recruitment process. Our recruitment gatekeeper will redact any identifying factors from your application. These include your name, age, address or location, and school or university names. By removing such information, we hope it makes it easier for our hiring managers to make objective decisions about each candidate’s skills, experience and suitability for a role, and to lessen the risk of bias (whether conscious or unconscious) affecting the decision-making process.