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Sustainability manifesto

Studio Moren is an internationally renowned leader in the architectural and interior design of buildings and spaces. This is, in no small part, due to our longstanding commitment to championing sustainable design measures in our projects. We are committed to business practices that support environmental management, environmental awareness and sustainability. We endeavour to ensure that the work for our clients in design and construction, as well as our own business operations are undertaken with this in mind. This is an evolving process and we strive to continuously improve our procedures in this context. It is our aspiration to minimise the environmental impact of all our practices.

The Partners endorse this commitment to sustainability and are responsible for ensuring that all staff are not only made aware of the practice’s intentions but also seek to exercise the practice’s professional skills so as to minimise any environmental impact as far as possible. The practice maintains awareness of current environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice with our inhouse Passive House accredited professionals available to advise and review our schemes and proposals.

Studio Moren is a member of Architects Declare, a network of Architectural practices committed to addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency and is also appointed by the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA) to provide expertise on sustainable design practices for the interiors and architecture elements for the hospitality industry. The EEA’s mission is to develop the first universal sustainability standard for the hospitality industry, including buildings. This will be achieved in collaboration with Studio Moren alongside other partners and BREEAM.

The built environment is responsible for approximately 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions, and the hospitality industry is currently responsible for 1% of all global carbon emissions. We acknowledge that Studio Moren plays a critical role in designing buildings and spaces in a way that considerably reduces carbon emissions, from both their construction and operation. In light of the challenge before us, Studio Moren has pulled together the knowledge, experience, talent and innovation of its diverse team, to develop a comprehensive strategy for facilitating and accelerating the path to a more sustainable built environment.

Advancement – Action – Advocacy

Our approach is a “triple A” strategy for sustainable practice: Advancement – Action – Advocacy. Rather than three singular “pillars”, we see advancement, action and advocacy as objectives that inform and enable each other in an interconnected, dynamic “loop”. In practice, this means we have been investing in the Advancement of our staff in well-established and emerging principles of sustainability and decarbonisation, which empowers us in taking Action to ensure our designs are effective both on “day 1” and for generations to come, ultimately bolstering our reputation as leaders who Advocate for sustainable practice to the built environment at large – each objective progressing the other.

Through our commitment to advancement, action and advocacy around sustainability, Studio Moren continue to be leaders in future-proofing of our designs to ensure our clients’ developments prosper through being part of the solution to climate change.

For further information and to reach out to our accredited Passive House professionals please email –