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Studio Moren tells Londoners’ stories in boutique hotel 

Studio Moren has received planning consent for’ 4-6 Bedford Place, a Grade II-listed Bloomsbury hotel. The building will be updated to a 43-room luxury, boutique townhouse hotel.

The team is working with investor and developer SAV Group to create a high-end property which uses its historic and architectural character to create unique and luxurious guest experiences.

The hotel property is currently a collection of three Georgian converted terraced houses, in a state of some dilapidation, located between Russell Square and Bloomsbury Square Gardens. The hotel will comprise a compact reception space, bar and lounge alongside a variety of standard, suite and accessible guestrooms.

“In planning to revitalise this property we first assessed what was important, before arranging to remove what was not, while protecting and replacing historic features. Additional, functional elements fundamental to the workings of a modern hotel, such as en suite bathrooms, will be added in a juxtaposing lightweight, reversible design style, with the intention not to clash or detract from the original authenticity of the building, but to play with it and create something modern.”

Angela Franco Architect Project Lead Studio Moren

Studio Moren is both Architect and Interior Designer on the project, drawing on its skill for storytelling to inform the design. Studio Moren will retain, restore and conserve the Grade II listed building, adding three modest closet wings to its rear to extend the accommodation. Studio Moren used the stories of the households living in the property in 1911 as the foundation for the design, with decor paying homage to the former residents, allowing the building to tell the memories within it.

“We are mindful of preserving history while creating a space that fits seamlessly into the modern world. Guests will feel as though they are peering through a looking glass at a piece of the past.”

Rachael Reid Senior Interior Designer at Studio Moren

“It is so important in a dense, built-up city such as London to be able to reuse buildings and bring an area back to life. SAV Group specialises in taking existing buildings and bringing them up to modern standards, which makes working alongside them not only interesting, but rewarding.”

Angela Franco Architect Project Lead Studio Moren